Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Nothing exiting, just realized that that was something I forgot to add to the old render, I think it looks much better like that...a lot less like a moppet...heh

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally, he updates!

Alrighty then, here are some stills for my new film.

Its been a while, so there is a lot of stuff, yey, stuff...

Firstly then, this is what the opening scene looks like so far, not final or anything, still need to put some reflections on the windows and perhaps something in the background, like a sky, but I'm so far happy with how this is turning out. I'm finally using passes, not too many though, for now all I have is an Ambient Occlusion pass and a render pass, for future I might consider separating the shadows as well.

Here are some with one of the robots, probably not the final model, but close.

With the main character, Andrey, the face and the hands were a bit of a challenge, I wasn't sure if what I was drawing would turn out well in 3D, but after about 2 weeks of tweaking and experimenting I arrived at this, I'm still going to think about it some more, before declaring it a final model....